Artemis LP400 5.5mm Pistol


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Artemis LP400 5.5mm Pistol

Artemis Air Gun Factory, founded in 1976, is located in the Yangtze Delta, China. They are the Chinese Government’s approved ammuno-guns specialist manufacturers. The company’s vision is to develop into a leading shoot equipment manufacturer worldwide.

Artemis has ten series with more than 30 specifications of airgun products and also owns several patents. The company manufactures CO2 or PCP, airguns, and also their accessories (pellets, targets).

Their products are very economical and also give great value for your money too. Artemis airguns are in fact, considered as one of the best air guns in the firearm industry. Artemis markets mechanical, esthetic, and also finishing good quality air rifles.

By interacting with the internationally well-known airgun brand, Artemis is also rich in mature OEM experiences with a robust design and R&D team. Moreover, they have a first-class quality control system and testing equipment.

Specifications Of Artemis LP400 5.5mm Pistol:
  • Caliber:  5.5mm
  • Velocity: 5.5 cal.260±50ps
  • Shooting Mode: Manual single-shot
  • Triger Pull: 0.5-4lbsSAFETY No Safety
  • Front Sight: No fiber
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable up down and right left
  • L*W*H(MM): 245*35*145
  • Overall Weight 0.6KG
  • Life: Over 5000 times

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