Bushnell Night Vision Device Lynx 2,5×40 Binocular


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Bushnell Lynx

Take a look at the future of night vision binoculars.

With the new generation of Lynx binoculars, Bushnell sets a whole new standard for night vision devices. These night vision binoculars let you observe over 750 feet away at night – about 230 meters. The model also has a built-in IR illuminator for obtaining the best possible view at night and features a long battery life with its minimalistic power supply (2 AAA batteries) – high-quality batteries will last for up to 20 hours, even when the IR illuminator is used. Longer battery life and a longer observation range, extremely lightweight and compact housing – this is the future of night vision devices!


  • first-generation image intensifier tube
  • powerful infrared illuminator
  • observing range up to 750 feet (230 meters)
  • weatherproof housing
  • from 20 to 70 hours of operation with 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • built-in overexposure protection system


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