EK Archery CR-071BP JAG 2 Pro Crossbow 175lbs Black


Display Model – Packaging Slightly Damaged.

Minor Scratches On Sides Of Flight Groove Tracker

Minor Scratches On Limb

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EK Archery is a Netherlands-based field sports equipment manufacturer that offers a great range of crossbows, archery, and also field sports equipment. They manufacture high-quality products from low-poundage, easy-to-draw pistol crossbows up to their high poundage compound crossbows that are also extremely powerful. Ek Archery brings you a best seller of Ek Archery CR-071BP JAG 2 Pro crossbow 175lbs black

Ek Archery makes some of the finest quality archery equipment such as compound crossbows, as well as competition-level compound bow sets. Highest quality design most with CNC machined cams for durability and also precision.

They are also one of the leading innovators of crossbow technology as they were the first company in the world to design and manufacture a semi-automatic crossbow that uses a 5 bolt magazine that loads a bolt once the crossbow is cocked.

– Speed-260 fps
– Overall draw weight-175lbs
– Power stroke-11″
– Mass overall weight-4.9lbs (bow only)
– Overall length-30.5-33″
– Stock reinforced composite stock, adjustable stock.
– AR grip ergonomically textured soft grip with finger grooves for increased control also under any conditions
– Trigger anti-dry fire safety.
– Extended bullpup trigger compacting the crossbow’s design by shifting the grip forward to achieve a more ergonomic and operational balance.
– Barrel: aluminum / composite barrel w/ picatinny rail
– String stopper: decelerates string and deadens vibration
– String: pre string front end
– Limbs: durable compression fiberglass, quad-limb design

  • 1x Crossbow
  • 1x 3-dot red dot sight
  • 1x cocking rope
  • 1x string wax
  • 1x 3-bolt black quiver
  • 1x string stopper
  • 3x 2219-16″ aluminum bolts


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