CRKT 4040 Provoke Morphing Karambit


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The Provoke morphing karambit knife draws on ancient design but it’s hiding a futuristic secret.
The first knife ever to feature Kinematic technology, it stays neatly tucked away in transit and comes to life when there’s trouble afoot.
The CRKT Provoke Morphing Karambit is like no folding karambit knife you’ve ever seen. This innovative, futuristic curved knife draws from traditional karambit designs but underneath its sleek exterior, it hides a science fiction-worthy secret. With a single press of your thumb, this revolutionary folder karambit instantly shoots into its extended position, all without ever risking contact to your fingers. Since the blade deploys directly forward and then retracts back into its closed position for carry, your fingers are always out of the path of the blade, unlike every other folding karambit out there.

It’s the first knife to feature the cutting edge Kinematic technology, which is what allows instant, seamless extension and retraction of the blade without springs or other propulsion mechanisms. Thumb pressure to the upper crossbar triggers the deployment of the razor sharp blade whereas pressing the inset lever just below the safety ring reverses the mechanism.

While the deployment mechanism and carry style of this karambit is a marvel of modern engineering, they aren’t the only things unique about this tactical karambit. The pocket clip sits almost flush to the body of the blade so you never have to worry about it getting hung up or caught on things. When you want to clip it to your pocket or to an equipment vest / belt for carry, just press the clip to open it and slide the Provoke securely into place. Additionally, the design of the pocket clip appears ornamental, unlike most others. This allows for zero profile carry into even the roughest situations.

    Blade Length 2.41″ (61.21 mm)
    Blade Edge Plain
    Blade Steel D2
    Blade Finish Titanium Nitride
    Blade Thickness 0.21″ (5.31 mm)
    Overall Length 7.25″ (184.15 mm)
    Closed Length 4.96″ (125.98 mm)
    Weight 6.10 oz. (172.93 g)
    Handle Aluminum
    Style Folding Knife w/Kinematic™


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