Spyder Opus .50cal Paintball Marker


Demo Model – Packaging DamagedĀ 

Minor Scratches (see images)

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The Opus is the first .50 Caliber semi-automatic paintball marker from Spyder.

– It comes with the patent-pending Eko Valve System which can get an impressive 3,500 shots with one single 20oz CO2 tank
– This smaller than traditional .50 Caliber paintball creates a smaller ammunition which means greater accuracy and efficiency, less mess and less impact for the player
– With the low recoil of the marker, the ball maintains a more accurate flight path capable of placing your shots within a tight grouping
– The Opus is built to last featuring aluminium and polymer constructed body making it the lightweight, no-fuss option for paintball players and action sports enthusiasts
– You can operate the Opus on CO2 or Compressed Air


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